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The difficult part may be selecting where in the world you'd like to exercise.

If you're interested in history then perhaps you'd like to exercise by walking through the most historic locations in Rome: the Ancient Roman Forum, the Palatine Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and the Coliseum.

If you like quaint villages, then you'd probably like to exercise by walking through five different beautiful villages in England's Cotswolds. And best of all, you can choose between Cotswold Villages Walk Volume 1 or Volume 2!

If you like Nature, then choose one of our numerous Nature Walks - possibly our Maine Nature Walk which follows a fast running stream in the Maine forest, or our Florida Nature Walk which takes you deep into a Cypress Swamp, or even our Ireland Nature Walk which takes you through the grounds of an Irish Estate.

If you like to travel, then choose from our "Walking Tour Series." You can tour Venice, Paris, Rome, Athens*, London*, or Istanbul."

For our complete list of Fitness Scenery Videos, please refer to the column on the right.


Fitness Scenery Videos filmed in Scotland, Ireland, and England

And along Canada's scenic Nova Scotia coast plus numerous locations in the United States.

For indoor cyclists, we have an ever growing catalog of Fitness Scenery DVDs for indoor Bikes from which to choose. You can cycle in Scotland - either in around Loch Etive or in Scenic Argyll, in Ireland - either in Connemara or County Clare, in England's Devon and Cornwall (coming soon), and in California's Angeles Crest Highway, in Mississippi on the Natchez Trace Parkway, and in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway.

One Customer who purchased our Scenic Argyll Cycling Scenery DVD on our Amazon.com store said, "This DVD is just what I was looking for - something that would mimic going for a ride in the country. I know there are other dvds out there that offer multiple timed rides at a variety of speeds. But the more it seems like an exercise routine, the less likely I am to use it. The route is very picturesque, complete with the sounds of nature you are passing by. The quality of the picture is so good it makes me feel like I am on the road instead of in my living room. In fact at one point it looked like we might miss the curve we were coming up on and my reaction was to put on my brakes. It certainly takes the boredom out of exercising. I take care of my mom and she enjoys watching the dvd while I am on my bike, which allows me to use it more often. She has even told me to "slow down" or "be careful" a time or two. I will definitely be purchasing more of VITA Digital Productions' bike rides in the near future. Catherine L. on September 4, 2014"

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